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Thread: Next level via using 1 key? :S

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    Next level via using 1 key? :S

    Hi guys, I have yet another problem!

    I've been working on this really cool platform/adventure game and in this game to get to the next level you have to go through a door, but this door isn't on the stage until you get the magical gem. Before you say, I have all of that sorted out it's just I don't know what code to use for when the door is on the stage and to get to the next level the character (instance: char) is on the door movieclip (instance: door) AND the player has to press the D key(68) to get to the next level.

    My friend gave me this code to go inside of the players code:

    But nothing happens?

    Please could you reply a.s.a.p!

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    that code should work assuming you have level 1 on frame 1, and level 2 on frame 2 of your timeline...

    if(Key.isDown(68) and char.hitTest(door._x,door._y,true))
    this.gotoAndStop("level 2")

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    I would do almost the same thing as bluemagica

    if(Key.isDown(68) and _root.door.hitTest(_root.char._x,(_root.char._y,tr ue))
    this.gotoAndStop("level 2")

    i would also like you to be sure that your objects have the instance names rather than just the instances have the names.
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