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Thread: Reading a binary file.

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    Reading a binary file.

    Hello all. I have a major problem I have not been able to solve by simply googling "C# read binary file" and the like. I'm created a windows application that opens a binary file for reading, and displays the file in regular text into a multiline text box.

    I have a binary file that contains rows of data. The data as it was created by the original program looks like the following...(The 4th column is a date that was not able to be copied for whatever reason).


    As you can see the 2nd column is not of a fixed width. Also, the saved format of this data is a binary file with the extension .pri. I can read the first and second columns with no problem. The last three columsn diplay nothing but characters....The following is a representation of what I am able to do.

    adus flexG@????
    adus fs?J@????
    adus nok?g@????
    adus nt@Y@????
    adus sne?q@????

    My next post will contain the code I'm using to read this data and print it.

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    privatevoid outputFile()
    string temp;
    int counter = 0;
    int counter2 = 0;
    fileOutputPanel.Visible = true;
    fileOutput_txt.Text = file + "\r\n";
    FileStream fs = File.Open(file, FileMode.Open);
    BinaryReader myReader = newBinaryReader(fs, Encoding.ASCII);
    for (int i = 0; i < fs.Length; i++)
    temp = myReader.ReadChar().ToString();
    if (i > 15)
    if (counter > 3 && counter2 <5)
    fileOutput_txt.Text = fileOutput_txt.Text + "\t";
    fileOutput_txt.Text = fileOutput_txt.Text + temp;
    counter = counter + 1;
    counter2 = counter2 + 1;
    if (counter2 > 32)
    fileOutput_txt.Text = fileOutput_txt.Text + "\r\n";
    counter2 = 0;
    counter = 0;
    fileOutput_txt.Text = fileOutput_txt.Text + "\t";
    temp = myReader.ReadSingle().ToString();
    i = i + 4;
    fileOutput_txt.Text = fileOutput_txt.Text + temp;
    counter2 = counter2 + 1;
    I've tried ReadSingle(), ReadChar(), Read(), ReadByte(), ReadChars(), ReadInt16, 32, 64, etc etc. The binary file is created by a program called Axys and has to do with stocks and trading them. So I do not have access to their write method.
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    I don't remember the exact implementation, but you have to read it into a structure and type cast to a char pointer (if I am not mistaken).

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    Thanks for your help. I'm not quite sure what you mean by reading it into a structure and then type cast it to a character pointer...Do you mean read in those bytes into an array or?? Any and all help would be appreciated!

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    Sorry, I was thinking C++. I will post back with more thoughts

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    You have to check the encoding

    As far as I see, here is an issue related to encoding; you have to know the Encoding of the file (or it's Code Page in order to get the encoding) and after that, read from file using the encoding, like:

    I would write more here but the editor from kirupa sucks big time, it almost drive me crazy.
    So, your quotes are transformed because of the usage of a wrong encoding.

    using (TextReader input = new StreamReader(new FileStream("SomeFileName", FileMode.Open), System.Text.Encoding.UTF8))
    String str = input.ReadToEnd();


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