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Thread: Need Help to complete college project

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    Afrostyle Need Help to complete college project

    hi all i have decompiled the file of the web cam game well i am still not able to find the detection of the multple ninjas i have uploaded the file can any one help me out and delete the unwanted part and fix the detection problem plzzzzz.. i need to submit at the college... thanks in advance plzz

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    Strange that this happens alot around here, people forget to post the attachments. Make sure you have it up next time, double check it.
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    Just a thought... Since it's a college project, wouldn't the purpose of it be you learning how to do stuff? It seems that decompiling someone else's game and than finding another person in a forum to tweak it for you doesn't exactly qualify as "learning", does it?

    Unless, of course, learning to cheat is part of your course's syllabus...
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    Additionally, don't expect any help if you decompile files. The majority of members here put many hours into their work, and do release certain files. The files that we don't release the sources to are left closed-source for a reason.

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    No idea. :S

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    So basically you decompiled somebody else's work, and are looking for somebody to help you change it?
    I take it theft of and modification of somebody else's code is part of your collages course?
    Don't expect anybody here to help you steal something body else's work because you'll get none.
    Furthermore your going to learn nothing by doing so.
    What are they teaching you guys at your collage I really wonder.

  7. And just to continue the *****ing, what's with your z key?

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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    Afrostyle sorry guys

    but decompiled the file to get some idea of scripting and since new to
    scripting trying to learn through the tutorials and the forums and decompiling
    files. I decompiled the file to get the knowledge about how the cam is connected
    to the flash and dnt found any info on the web sorry for that process and my
    zzzzzzz key gets stuck sorry for that toooo and in my college and got failed
    but at last i got some knowledge abt how to connect the cam to the flash

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