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Thread: Which one - PHP or Html?

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    Which one - PHP or Html?


    Which one do you feel comfortable in using, PHP or Html?


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    They are completely two different things, html is a client side mark up, while php is a server side programing language.

    The most common use for php is to out put html code, although it can do many different things.

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    I could be wrong and you may have limitless knowledge about PHP and HTML but it sounds like you are comparing apples to oranges and you need to do some research before you ask a question that doesn't make any sense!
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    Mate, Html is a mark up language. U use it to just make ur site look like... well a site... (the outer layer)
    php is a "programming" language. (the "" is couse some say it's not realy a programming language). U use Php so your site works server side. Like when you use a datebase or somthing in that fasion. (so php is the layer under the html). You can use the two togetter, but you dont use the two languages in the same way.

    U should read up on some tutorials mate, so you will understand what i'm saying.

    Have fun and good luck in making cool sites!

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    I'd suggest you make your website with nothing but PHP. Don't use any HTML at all...

    Hope that helps...

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    In fact, don't even use code, just stick an empty page up and you'll get MILLIONS of hits per day!
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    dear u need to learn both HTML and PHP. if u want to do web programming. firstly u learn HTML after then u learn PHP.

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    PHP is very different from HTML .Nowadays ,PHP is very popular .In that case ,PHP is better .

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    What? That doesn't even make any sense!!!

    Can someone close this thread please I'm going nuts with some of these replies!
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    Quote Originally Posted by newagesmb View Post
    In my opinion Php is far good that html. this can more function is there to add the source code.
    I don't disagree with a word of that.

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    Right heres my go:

    Using the PHP is dynamic are best one for code implementating the interface who have many using functions for work to IIS, so this is recommend
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    I think those are all fake accounts.


    One can not be better then the other. What do you think is better a spoon or a rock??

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    Well... First off, PHP has functions... which is really great. But then again... HTML has the <iframe> tag.

    Let's call it a draw...

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    ^^^^^^^^^^This is why I love these forums less.

    PHP generates DYNAMIC content- and most commonly outputs HTML.

    HTML is the MARKUP required to form a webpage.

    It's as dumb as comparing a screw driver to a car.
    GOSH you guys. Read things.

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    I'll take the screw driver and build my own car and bunches of other things
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