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Thread: Need help regarding adding Textfield to Flash document

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    Need help regarding adding Textfield to Flash document

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    You're far more likely to get help if you provide specific details of what your problem is.
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    dear which type of text field u want to put in flash doc.

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    my friend abrarshf it is dynamic text field

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    Read. The. Link. : )

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    Hi glosrfc

    please find the code below and it's working fine on document class but my problem is i want to reuse the code in flash action panel with new values to instance variables and i expected output according to that. and i am expecting like this please help me to find the solution.

    var txt:RunningText = new RunningText();
    txt.fName= "Times New Roman";
    txt.tMatter1 = "Some custom Text falls here";
    ================================================== ====================
    The error is
    ================================================== ==================

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at RunningText$iinit()
    at RunningText_fla::MainTimeline/RunningTextRevised_fla::frame1()


    package {

    import flash.display.*;
    import flash.text.*;

    public class RunningText extends Sprite {

    public var tField1:TextField = new TextField();
    public var tField2:TextField = new TextField();
    public var tFormat1:TextFormat;
    public var tFormat2:TextFormat;
    public var fName:String = "Arial";
    public var fColor:uint = 0xCC00CC;
    public var fSize:int = 20;
    public var tMatter1:String = "There is no topic available. Use the Search or Table of Contents to locate the desired information.Use the Search or Table of Contents ";
    public var tMatter2:String = "The String class is a data type that represents a string of characters. The String class provides methods and properties. ";
    public var valueX:int = stage.stageWidth / 2;
    public var valueY:int = stage.stageHeight / 2;
    public var speed:int = 10;
    public var endX:int = -1;
    public var distX:int = 5;

    public function RunningText(){

    tFormat1 = new TextFormat(fName,fSize,fColor);

    tField1.multiline = false;
    tField1.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
    tField1.defaultTextFormat = tFormat1;
    tField1.text = tMatter1;
    tField1.x = valueX;
    tField1.y = valueY;

    tField2.multiline = false;
    tField2.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
    tField2.defaultTextFormat = tFormat1;
    tField2.text = tMatter2;
    tField2.x = valueX + tField1.width + 2 ;
    tField2.y = valueY;


    function eFrame(e:Event){

    tField1.x -= speed;
    tField2.x -= speed;

    var bound1 = tField1.getBounds(root);
    var bound2 = tField2.getBounds(root);

    if (bound1.right <= endX) {
    tField1.x = bound2.right + distX;

    if (bound2.right <= endX) {
    tField2.x = bound1.right + distX;



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