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Thread: Following code

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    Following code

    hey, in my game i want the _parent movie clip to follow the fish movie clip. i used this code i made... but the following is realy jerky and dosnt look nice. are there any other ways of doing it so that the closer you get the faster the follower accelerates towards you?

    disx = Math.abs(_parent._x -
     disy = Math.abs(_parent._y -
     if(_parent._x >{_parent._x -= _root.speed/disx}
     if(_parent._x <{_parent._x += _root.speed/disx}
     if(_parent._y <{_parent._y += _root.speed/disy}
     if(_parent._y >{_parent._y -= _root.speed/disy}

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    I make half sense
    there are various examples and tuts on this issue I suggest you search the forum and google the web
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    Maybe some trig will help you find something more to your liking.

    Also take a look at Hooke's law, which is an elasticity formula.

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    hookes law... i think i learnt that in school... i cant remember thanks ill look into it

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