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Thread: How do you put a website on the internet from a notepad?

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    How do you put a website on the internet from a notepad?

    If you make an HTML website on notepad, how do you get it online so people write
    HTML Code:
    oh and for free

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    .com domains are not free to get a .com follow the steps below.

    1. Go to and purchase the smallest hosting package (like 4USD a month).
    2. Wait 24 hours for your domain to become active.
    3. Download smartFTP and type in the connection information.
    4. Name your file index.html
    5. Drag the file into smartFTP where it will upload it to the server.
    6. Type in the name of the domain you purchased (free with your hosting package purchase).

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    You can get a lot of free hosting but it's usually attached to a generic domain, and all you get is a subdomain.

    So you might get

    Look for free web hosts on google!
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    You can host a site if you have an extra computer or computer that doesn't turn off. If you know linux just fire up a ubuntu server and install apache and point a dynamic DNS to it. You can get one free DNS redirection from .

    Or as mentioned just google for free hosts. Watch out some of them have secret clauses in their agreements. The most common one is "we will delete your site after 90 days and replace it with ADs." but they might say it in a clever way or hide it in a bunch of text.

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    Dynadot are so cheap never had problem with them. K4Z on the forums gives domains freely!

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