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Thread: PLEASE HELP ME! Flash Locking Up

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    PLEASE HELP ME! Flash Locking Up

    I've made plenty of flash games before and I've never seen this problem happen.
    I'm working on a game with similar workings to GTA1, as in your in a car and u drive around birds eye view.

    The issue I'm having is that I have went to the effort of making flash not 'lag'/slow down so the frame rate stays pretty good. However for some reason after holding down a button or 2 (eg. up to drive, left to turn, ect) flash locks up. The program runs normal, framerate is normal, but any interaction is locked up. When this happens my car just keeps driving.

    I put up a display to show what buttons are being pressed and sure enough flash is stuck thinking im pressing keys when im not. I also can't close flash until it returns to normal.

    Obviously this is bad and I was hoping someone would know why flash is doing this.
    Can someone please help me.

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    This is probably of no use at all, but when I started dealing with user keyboard input I was getting some strange results because Keyboard shortcuts were enabled in the flash player which overrided the input I wanted for my game, so make sure thats disabled. Other than that the only thing I can think of that I'd do next is that I'd put in break points everywhere to see where it starts to go wrong...

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    Why not post the script so people can help you fix it?

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    The code in all would be pages long, not to mention some methods i would rather not share.
    Its not that theres an error in the code, flash seriously just locks up, and no inputs (eg press key, release key, minimizing, closing,(the top right 3 buttons), ect) will work.
    They do eventually work, and then its like everything i did catches up.
    Just to remind, its is not a loop in the code or anything like that, it is seriously flash just locking up.

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    do you have an infinite loop anywhere? that could end up locking up the game. double check you loops coding.

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    Are you storing user input in a buffer or are you acting on it as soon as a key is pressed?
    If so there could be a problem with that, otherwise you may be trying to run too much code per frame and it takes a while for flash player to catch up.

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