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Thread: People Suck

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    People Suck

    My near $1000 bike was just stolen off my porch as I was sitting two feet away inside. I watched the morons do it and chased after them but apparently I am not as fast on foot as random strangers are on my awesome bike.

    Just boggles my mind that people are so useless. Makes me sad, really. Mostly frustrated though.


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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?

    That's why I keep a 12 guage on the passenger seat in my truck. It rides shotgun . . .

    Bummer about the bike. There was more than one robber? Did one sit on the others lap as the drove your bike away?
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    Nah they ran and scattered. Unfortunately Portland has really narrow blocks so they split off to different streets really quick and my chasing and swearing and damning did very little.

    Should have thrown a rock at the jerks dome.

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    Under Investigation
    That sucks man. I'm glad im the only person who actually knows how to start my car.
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    Ah crap. Sorry to hear about the bike.

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    ^^Already did, had an officer at my house. Was his sixth reported stolen bike today plus one police bike stolen. Apparently it's quite the hobby here.

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    Coming and going.
    Society sucks in general for allowing people to feel cool while doing this.

    My $1400 car stereo system was stolen a few days ago. They ripped out the sub and my head unit - for some strange reason left the amp. In my neighborhood my car was the 50th that had been broken into that night. The 50th.

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    People. What's the deal.

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    That's awful nobody. Keep an eye on ebay, pawn shops etc.

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    Thanks, I'm watching.

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    Were they kids or adults?

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    Late teens or early twenties. I'm should have kept following them.

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it!

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    have a word out on the streets (with friends etc) this guy did'nt steal the bike to drive for sure, he will try to sell it off for drugs etc, did you see any new faces around your neighbourhood lately? they would have visited the place couple of times before they executed the plan.

    also make sure you make an official complaint to the police about it...stealing someone's ride usually is more trouble than it sounds...what if its found in a place where some other bigger crime took place?

    hope you find it soon.

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    How did they nick it with you sat 2 feet away?

    Sucks though. Last year someone stole my bike's saddle whilst it was chained outside my flat! I mean, Come on! Was a very uncomfortable ride to work the next day.

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