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Thread: Flowchart Help!

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    Flowchart Help!

    I hate flowcharts and i have to make one for a game i am making for a programming class. It is a simple shooting game.
    I don't know what to put in the flowchart
    I have the start and the initialize variables, but where do i go from there?
    Please help, it would be greatly appreciated

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    Think about what the events are. Each level is an event. Will there be bosses? How will the state of the game change over time?

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    A flowchart is just a visual representation of program flow. For example, here's a simple flowchart for a shooting game which demonstrates how a couple of your variables might change depending on what happens during the game.

    You don't need specialised software to produce flowcharts...use the diagram tools in Word or, failing that, draw them in Flash and print them out!

    You might also want to check out the following links:
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    Flowcharts are helpful when you make any complicated programs.

    Start out with a very general flow-chart and don't sweat over every single variable. Decide what are the most significant events in your game and what conditions they occur under. Plan that all out first, and then fill in the details later. You can even do details on separate pages; what is just one box in the overall flowchart can have its own flowchart on another page. (Think of this like how a function call represents the contents of the function, the box on one page represents the whole flow chart on the other page. The in and out states just need to match up.)

    What are the most significant events in a game? Winning, losing, losing a life, gaining a life, completing a level...

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