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Thread: Should I build an iso engine?

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    Should I build an iso engine?

    Hi all,

    I'm tasked to research and build an isometric world/map that represent a contact center floor/sales store for the customer service rep to interact for learning purpose. So this is basically an attempt to make learning fun instead of boring powerpoint or page turner kind of online training.

    With that said, I played around with Tonypa's Tile Based Game a bit a couple years ago and didn't finish it. Now with AS3 and impressive performance of Flash 9, the whole learning game thing become more realistic and attractive. My question is, should I build my own engine? I saw a lot of Iso game online but not sure they all are using pre-built engine or they actually have their own.

    I think there are a lot of benefit for building my own (I will learn a lot, and I will be able to maintain it, and debug it). I looked around, Marz's resource is not complete, and FFilmation is too highend for my need, TheoWorld's engine doesn't look that attractive (the performance look choppy).

    I actually get the concept when I was reading Tonypa's work. Should I attempt to use his material and write in AS3, or there is another engine or more complete tutorial out there I could utilize.

    I have a degree in computer science and very comfortable with AS 2, and have been using Flash for 5+ years, so I feel quite comfortable to make this attempt. Am I living in denial?

    Any pointer will be appreciated, thanks!


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    Go ahead and do it. If you have a CS degree you should be more than comfortable with AS3's object oriented design, so figure you what main components are needed, and how it will interface with other game engines to be modular. I would suggest setting up svn for this kinda thing because when your creating an engine from scratch you'll typically come up with ideas, implement them and realize that they don't work, so branching the project would help from having that mess things up.

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    Just for the record, an iso engine is NOT as hard as it is made out to be. One of my first flash projects involved a tile-based game. It worked wonderfully, I still have it around somewhere. There's not all that much to it in the long run... itll take a couple days of work and youll be done, just like that.

    If you have all that experience, you're more than qualified, go for it.

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    As said before you have the experience. Anyone with a CS degree would find the idea of making an isometric game engine a quick job. Just use the tonypa stuff for the algorithms if you don't feel like making them from scratch.

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    Thanks for all the word of encouragement. Yeah I didn't have problem understanding the concept and Tonypa's stuff, it's always the syntax that gets me and drive me nuts. It really will be interesting to do it in AS3 and hopefully I will learn a lot out of this. I will pop in from time to report status and participate in the forum.



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