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Thread: Naming My Game

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    Naming My Game

    Yes, believe it or not, my head alreay hurts from trying to think of a temporary name for my fantasy rpg. Its like Wow/Runescape, based in medieval times. A hero, a main villain, the **** that all rpgs have. Any idea for names?

    PS: I'm not lazy, I just want some inspiration.
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    One approach is to think of words that describe various key facets of your game. Now go and use to find "tasty" synonyms, and then try different ways of joining them together or joining them to the names of people or places in your game, in a meaningful way. You will come up with a lot of meaningless phrases with this approach, probably, but keep trying till you find a set of meaningful ones, then give them some further thought.

    I find this is not something you want to rush, just think up some ideas, then wait and mull them over in the back of your mind. Appl some conscious thought to it whenever you have a free minute. It could take weeks to get something that feels right. Of course,if you have to release the game in 2 weeks time then you can't afford to wait that long.

    Oh and... Please, don't inflict us with another "Dark Century" or "Death Forge" or "Followers of Steel" or some kind of bland combo like that....

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