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Thread: Plz HELP! i need to move game pieces according to a dice roll

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    Plz HELP! i need to move game pieces according to a dice roll

    could any one help me I'm a beginner programmer and have a project to do in a class my project is to make a board game using flash MX...unfortunately I'm doing the game TROUBLE where you pop a die and move pieces according to the dice roll luckily i got the dice to roll but dont know how to move the game pieces according to the dice roll someone please help i've looked all over the net and cant find anything

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    I've never worked with flash MX (started with AS3) but I'm sure you could use a switch
    statement, which is a neat alternative to a complicated set of if-else statements.

    I'm assuming you've got the value of the dice roll stored in a variable called diceRoll

    case 1:
    // this is where you put the code you want to execute when someone rolls a 1
    break ;

    case 2:
    // the code for when someone rolls a 2
    break ;

    case 3:
    // when someone rolls a 3
    break ;

    case 4:
    // when someone rolls a 4
    break ;

    case 5:
    // when someone rolls a 5
    break ;

    case 6:
    // when someone rolls a 6
    break ;

    } // end switch

    Apologies if I've completely misunderstood your question.
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    What do they teach you in this class?

    You ever done a flow chart? Plan out the behaviour of the game. Entirely, in great detail. Ignore the code until you've done that.

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