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Thread: Changing depths - when I kill a zombie it's blood splatter is above other zombies

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    Changing depths - when I kill a zombie it's blood splatter is above other zombies


    In my game (you can see it here) when I kill a zombie It turns into a blood splatter and sometimes another zombie walks over the blood splatter and it appears that it is under the blood splatter. What I would like to do is when zombie is killed have it be the lowest depth. It can't swap depths with the lowest one because as soon as the next zombie is killed it will swap depths and the first one won't be below all of them anymore. That's kind of confusing, but if you look at it via the link above you'll see what I mean.

    Just kill a zombie and wait for another zombie to walk over the blood splatter. Sometimes the other zombie will be above it and sometimes it won't.

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    Also, if you have any comments on what I have so far they're more then welcome!

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    There are quite a bit solutions to this, but here is mine: Try making two movie clips, one that displays the baddies and giant blade, and the other being the blood movie clip. So from what I can see, you would have the background be on the bottom, then the blood, then the baddies, and finally the blade. Again, it might work for you, but this is how I would approach it.

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    hey there actually as long as you arent using tweens you can use swapDepths try using it like this:
    _root.yourzombie.swapDepths(1);//1 would be the desired depth that you want.
    simple as that

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    Simply attach the blood splatters on a level between the zombies and the vehicle. Or...

    var count:Number = 0;
    function makeBlood() {
    attachMovie("bloodsplatter", "bloodsplatter"+count, getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:curZombie._x, _y:curZombie._y});

    But make sure your vehicle is at a few thousand depths above it.

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    Ok you got a number of solutions here, but if you ask me....the best way is to create the blood, WITHIN the zombie mc.


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    Thanks for all the solutions! I'll play around with them when I get home tonight after work...

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