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Thread: Remove All movieclips at once?

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    Remove All movieclips at once?

    I have another problem.
    In my game the player goes to gameover when it hits an enemy but the thing is that the enemies are still floating around on the game over screen! (There's loads of enemies)
    I've tried the:
    action but it only removes two of them away.

    Please help!

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    well if your using duplicateMovieClip you could proboly just do something like
    hope that works for ya if not let me know ill c what else i can think of.

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    Still doesn't work

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    for (var i in myMovieClip) {
    if(typeof(myMovieClip[i]) == "movieclip") {

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    Lately, I've been in the habit of having all my game objects referenced in one array or another. Just come up with a good scheme for categorizing and organizing your clips, and when you want to remove all the movie clips, you'll just loop through the arrays you need to.
    you = function(){
    setEnabled( true );
    setEnabled( false );

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    thats anaother solve:
    create new mc; container.
    all mc added to that.
    and remove all in one go

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