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Thread: Help with bugtesting my competition, please.

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    Help with bugtesting my competition, please.


    I've made a flashgame, you need to answer 10 questions within 1min and get all answers correct. I have a small problem though, people are getting times around 1.5seconds.

    Can someone try to "hack" my competition? If it's possible to somehow cheat, I would love it if someone would tell me how. I have done everything I can think of.

    Here is the test competition located:

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    its alright, i tested it, nothing wrong with it. But my suggestion is that to make a variety of questions, not just math questions.
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    well you can cheat by just memorizing the answers. Hacking it would just mean slowing down the swf or decompiling it. I can't use firebug to hack it. That's normally the most obvious way to monitor stuff.

    If someone just gets the network activity I'm sure it would take long to do it without decompiling it.

    Also 1.5 ms sounds like someone had a ghost mouse do it. Having it run for a few hours might get the right combination and give a score like 1.5 ms.

    The only other way which is boring to program is a ghost mouse and have a human answer all of the questions then grab the screen buffer and ghost mouse the results. With your limited number of question it would be possible. You would have to have no life to write one though.
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    It's other questions than the one I have in the test quiz, it's around 26 questions that are randomized and then 10 are shown, with the answers in a random order every time.

    Last night someone got 0.831, 0.845, 0.863 seconds.

    I can't figure it out, I timestamp when they begin on the server, return that timestamp into flash. When they are finished I timestamp the server again and return the timestamp to flash. If/When they submit the score I MD5 the timestamp in Flash that are sent to the server, I MD5 the timestamp on the server with PHP, I compare these values and if they don't match the result are not saved. I even check the elapsed time on the server and if it is below 1sec the result won't be saved, but they still manage to get 0.8sec.

    So something is bugged, but I can't figure it out how.

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