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Thread: Flash 3d game speed

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    Flash 3d game speed

    I dont know whether this is the right place to comment something about gameplay. But since many avid programmers might peer here for game development help they might probably read this.

    I so realized that we keep making Flash actionscript games and then start looking at the fps going straight down the bottleneck. Sometimes even as simple as a huge background goes down with utter disgrace. We wonder how come other games can accomplish what Flash is not able to reach up to. Trust me Flash is faster.

    Many top notch 3d games go full screen, and sometimes changes the resolution to 640x480 so as to work hassle free.
    Secondly they run fullscreen and require that any other apps not run alongside which would otherwise slower the game.
    Now flash games run in the teeny weeny browser based plugin whereas 3d games use opengl and directx installed on the computer. Various sites might be open at the same time while you will be playing a flash game.

    I think personally we should provide system requirements of the game before game play such as please shutdown all other browser windows, applications before continuing so that we dont have frozen animations during gameplay.

    Flash does justice when you find a browser non responsive before gameplay. Probably Adobe air might have something in stock for future in preparing offline games where we could make use of the file system or access hardware in future.

    Flash would have been way more ahead if some weirdos wouldnt have made viruses with them.

    Unlike other 3d game development software that contains libraries and loads of handlers to manage memory buffers, accessing OpenGL and/or DirectX to trap execution of keys, connect to the graphics card and utilizing them to perfection.

    I think Flash would do much better with a more precomposed set of trusted gaming support files that should be installed on a one time basis on a users computer to enable Flash 3D gaming or mega Flash enabled websites.

    So for now the perfect game recipe would be a small stage sized game which goes fullscreen to cover up the area and be in control. No hiccups, no more heavy backgrounds required that flash cant handle anymore, no time lapse and better fps. All the best.

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    I've heard rumours that Flash Player 10 will implement hardware accelerated 3D.

    In the meantime, I'll make 2D games with nicely optimized AS3 and have very good frame rates, thank you very much.

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    You can always use Java applets for 3D stuff. But as mentioned Flash 10 is definitely upping things. It will proceed to gain more stuff. It's never really been designed for games. It's more of a tool for animation for websites and such.

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    You can do tons of really nice stuff with flash, it all depends on your coding ability. As for 3d - I personally think it's over-rated, and I'm not looking forward to a glut of amateur 3d games with ugly models and even uglier gameplay.

    One thing that bugs me about flash games (2d and 3d) with horrible frame rates is that the a lot of developers choose to hide the options for adjusting the movie quality and locks it in at high or medium. Quite irritating when they're game could almost be playable if they didn't have so many vectors to render out.
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    Flash Player 10 beta has been released. And it seems GPU processing abilities has been used. Because its beta its still in testing phase. Do check out the forums there for browser problems if any because you require to uninstall earlier players before installation.

    3d animation support has been added to which is quite simple.

    Also senocular has posted some new stuff that has been launched

    Im sure this might give a boost to games.
    Thanks for all your feedback everyone.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by therobot View Post
    You can do tons of really nice stuff with flash, it all depends on your coding ability. As for 3d - I personally think it's over-rated, and I'm not looking forward to a glut of amateur 3d games with ugly models and even uglier gameplay.
    I wouldn't use hardware acceleration for 3d, it would be awesome to create an RTS without the constant lag issues all the time . You can say whatever you want, no matter how good your code is, without hardware acceleration everything is just limited. Though it learned me how to code very well, constantly looking for the best solution with the least waste of processing.

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