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Thread: Silverlight Install

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    Silverlight Install

    So I'm not sure if any of you guys have had to work on a Silverlight projects yet or pages that have Silverlight content. I just read the manual provided by Micro$oft and I have to tell you it's utterly ridiculous IMO.

    Graphic placeholders, browser checking, including many different javascript files. It all just seems a bit much for me just to have an install link for a plug in.

    Thumbs down.

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    Sounds like how you SHOULD go about putting install links for Flash : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by sekasi View Post
    Sounds like how you SHOULD go about putting install links for Flash : )
    Certainly not my decision

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    Kirupa's post makes it seem simple:
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    It's not. Also the xaml is a mess. Trying to mod one of these is no fun.

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    What exactly are you doing beyond the default configuration? By default any Silverlight project output by Blend or Visual Studio will do all of this for you - placeholder graphic, browser checking, SL version checking, etc.

    Also for modding the XAML, what app are you using?

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    Kirupa, I sent you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digitalosophy View Post
    Kirupa, I sent you a PM.
    you should check out this video,

    its shows most of the work flow to creating silver light content. i dont think silverlight is in any position to take over flash, they might even play together. consider making an app that reads a .max file and shows a preview of it while uploading it. impossible in flash.
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