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Thread: Game Design and Development

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    Game Design and Development

    AJ square are engaged in design and development of PC-based, online and mobile games. Our Game designers are passionate towards creating games that people long to have. Our designs can drive millions of players to your site. Being imaginative professionals our designers give life to the game concepts which can simply pull out people of all ages.


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    I wonder what and how many programming languages are use to develop 3D games like resident evil 4? cause I also want to create something like that...

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    I'd bet on one language, perhaps C# or C++.

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    i totally want to make an mmorpg too
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    Quote Originally Posted by therobot View Post
    i totally want to make an mmorpg too
    Make a simple 2D RPG first and then build on from there, you'd be suprised how much is simillar.

  6. The problem is that a mmorpg is so much work, especially if you work on your own :O . I bet therobot already knows more then enough to actually create it .

    Now I can program a bit I can work out all those ideas I had when I was young. Most of them are not too big so I can finish them quite fast on my own. They're mainly just cool gameplay ideas, new and innovative.

    I'm also working on some projects with my friends, a better result much faster xD

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    Aimcroft, you would most likely use one language for the actual engine and maybe the editor. You could use others to supplement the technology in the game engine - a lot of tools would go into developing the game fully though as a lot of stuff needs to be created, sound, music, graphics, 3d models, animations. It's a very involved process!
    MS Paint FTW!

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    I found something interesting that talks about game design:

    It's a bit old but I think still relevant.


    Setup: Rapid is a State of Mind

    * Embrace the Possibility of Failure - it Encourages Creative Risk Taking
    * Enforce Short Development Cycles (More Time != More Quality)
    * Constrain Creativity to Make You Want it Even More
    * Gather a Kickass Team and an Objective Advisor – Mindset is as Important as Talent
    * Develop in Parallel for Maximum Splatter

    Design: Creativity and the Myth of Brainstorming

    * Formal Brainstorming Has a 0% Success Rate
    * Gather Concept Art and Music to Create an Emotional Target
    * Simulate in Your Head – Pre-Prototype the Prototype

    Development: Nobody Knows How You Made it, and Nobody Cares

    * Build the Toy First
    * If You Can Get Away With it, Fake it
    * Cut Your Losses and "Learn When to Shoot Your Baby in the Crib"
    * Heavy Theming Will Not Salvage Bad Design (or "You Can't Polish a Turd")
    * But Overall Aesthetic Matters! Apply a Healthy Spread of Art, Sound, and Music
    * Nobody Cares About Your Great Engineering

    General Gameplay: Sensual Lessons in Juicy Fun

    * Complexity is Not Necessary for Fun
    * Create a Sense of Ownership to Keep 'em Crawling Back for More
    * "Experimental" Does Not Mean "Complex"
    * Build Toward a Well Defined Goal
    * Make it Juicy!

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