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Thread: Inventory, Merchant system

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    Inventory, Merchant system

    i wanted to create some sort of an inventory/merchant system in my game with flash 8
    but i cant program for beans, and have no clue where to start.

    figured i could set it up so that when the user interacts with a certain npc, they go to a "merchants" scene or "merchants" frame where they can buy and sell various items

    but whenever i hit the enter button the flash movie increments to the next frame and plays untill it reaches its original frame.

    how do i get it to stop playing when i hit enter?

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    have you tried putting: stop(); on your frame?

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    yes, ive tried using 'stop();'
    i pretty bad at programming, but im not that bad

    read somewhere that the enabled shortcuts on the swf dont work in a browser or something like that

    so is this something i really need to be concerned about?

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    Pressing enter wont have the same effects in a browser. Just use a different button for it, like shift. Then when it comes to finsihing it change the button to enter. Otherwise you won't be able to test it at all without wasting some time.

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    er ... i know that this should be really simple but ... how would i get this thing to move to the next frame.

    I placed this case statement inside a function that becomes available when the options in the dialogue appear (or some such thing)
    depending on the users input, dialogue_opt = 1 or 2
    when dialogue opt==1 then the user should be sent to an item screen.

    ive tried using play, nextframe, gotoandplay/stop, i got nothing. how do u get this thing to go to frame with item screen???

    switch (dialogue_opt) {
    case true :
    switch (currently_selected_option) {
    case 1 :

    trace("go to next frame")
    case 2 :
    _root.speach_box.txt_box.text = ("(shift_function)dont be rude");
    default :

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    no wait, i got it. looks like another navigational issue

    it works if i use _root.gotoAndPlay(frame#);

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    Quote Originally Posted by eptigo View Post
    no wait, i got it. looks like another navigational issue

    it works if i use _root.gotoAndPlay(frame#);

    Don't forget, there is also:

    movieClip.gotoAndStop( frame# );
    you = function(){
    setEnabled( true );
    setEnabled( false );

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