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Thread: Flash Game Problem, Help Please?

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    Fla Script Flash Game Problem, Help Please?

    Hey guys, im new here and ive run into a little problem thats hopefully not to hard to fix.

    You see ive been trying to make a Flash Platformer by following the wonderful Platform Tut made by nathan stockton.
    is the preveiw of my game.

    Now my problem is that when the character dies, and the "dead" frame MC plays, the player just sits there. To fix this i made a "Restart" button. Now when the restart button is pressed, it does in fact gotoAndplay(1) and restarts the game.

    The problem is, once you scroll the Character outside of the regualr 550x400 window the menu does not appear.

    This is probably confusing so check it out yourself.

    Any help is GREALTY appreciated, thanks a lot.

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    well itried the gaame looks good by the way bit laggy but otherwise good. but what i noticed was ehn you died on the spikes and restarted it spawned you on the spikes you may have to change your restart button to reset all of your variables and positions as well which ought to work for you like if you just say like.
    gotoAnd Play(1);
    _root.character._x = startposition;
    health = 100;
    //and on it goes
    maybe give that a try if not let me know or one of the other wonderful and most likey more intelligent people than me
    oh ya and one more thing i found that after you went past the suicide jump your hittest on the ground didnt work as well for example i was on the farthest right platform waist deep in the ground lol
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