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Thread: fairly simple Game idea but flash script n00b

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    fairly simple Game idea but flash script n00b

    Hi there, I have this game idea and I have about 2 weeks to make it, if I cant make it then im kinda buggered but anyway this is the idea:

    The player is in a maze and has to make their way to the middle/wherever the end is, on the way they can collect jumping ability runes, so that they can jump through walls (one rune = jump through one wall) to get them closer to the end. The enemy would be a Minotaur that is generally moving around the maze, the downside of the ability to jump is that as soon as it is used the Minotaur will know where the player is and know which general direction to move in. I suppose that levels would grow in complexity as the maze gets more difficult and with a growing number of minotaurs. When a minotaur reaches the player, they will of course devour them = player dead. There could be a couple of Stun runes that the player would collect and be able to use on the Minotaur as defense.
    -Hopefully you can see where Im going with this idea, its not fully formed but thats the general idea-

    I would be grateful if I could have any help on tackling this, if you could direct me to any related tutorials or add me on msn/email me:
    I would be grateful on the help, thankyou

  2. I would use some kind of tile system, it's easy to make maps and find paths in them. I don't know how much you programmed before but it's hard to code this in 2 weeks (if you want something nice), especially if you don't have much experience with programming.

    The hardest part is probably the pathfinding of the minotaurs.

    Allmost everything for tile based games:
    Best place to start learning about A*, you want it to change it a bit to make it awesome for mazes and stuff though:

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    How much code do you know? I would use a tile based game because it would be easier in my opinion.

    For stun runes I would assume it makes the minotaur's speed go to 0 for a while. For jumping it would require more thought. I would check the player's posisition, see what walls surround him, then jump through the one which is closer to the center. Then just use an algorithm to hunt the player down.

    again it depends what you know but I suggest you see the famous Tony PA tutorial on tiles which everyone gets reffered to .

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    O_o, we said pretty much the same thing...

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    I think if you worked hard and made an effort to really understand the code and tutorials and tonypa's website, you could conceivably have it up and running in two weeks.
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