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Thread: Help... Permission denied on resizeTo..

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    Help... Permission denied on resizeTo..

    I have a simple javascript on html that uses resizeTo (w,h)

    and I have a domain that redirects to (301 permanent) and I get a permission denied error.
    I do not have problem if I load the site directly from the original domain. is the original domain
    and is the domain that permanently redirects to (and i get permission denied error here)

    Is there a way I can call this function from

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    It works on both domains with me...
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    Site loads good for me on both domains... for me, but i have JS resize off so I'm just going to guess that it works.

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    really?.. i just checked with firefox and ie7 and does not work with domain... oh no...

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    Yea, IE7 doesn't load it. Your probably not doing something right, that the other browsers overlook. Its kind of a bad thing sometimes that browsers will auto correct things so users thing its right.

    Also you should of said IE7 many of us use other browsers as default.

    You also posted this in the wrong section (always pay attention what forum your in when you post).

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    I see, I thought this forum was the right section since the question was related to javascript. If this is the wrong section, where should I post this question then? Thanks..

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    "Script" + "Web" = Client-side, but I really doubt there is a simple solution.

    Also yea the descriptions under the titles are useful.
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