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Thread: HELP with C Programming

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    HELP with C Programming

    hey dudes...anyone here if knows C programming well then please help me with this question...if possible u can email me the answer or stuff like that on ma email...

    the question for my homework is...i have to generate a maze and program it in a way that it should show the path form entry of a maze to the exit of the maze...basically we can get a maze from anywer on the net and using it we have do the programming stuff of pathfinding...

    anyone who knows how to handle this complicated stuff in an easy manner???

    please help me with ur skills..

    thank you...

    P.S-- my email address is

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    I'm not going to lie to you, you can probably search A Star or A* and find a full C example for a simple maze as its done countless times.

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    oh really mate...thnx man but i tried to find in google n i got no searches near to it...can you like give me a link on where its done or something would be my pleasure to get a help from you and i m thankin u in advance a tonnes m8...

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    ok look m8 i got ur website but the main problem with me is that i have never touched programming...that is, programming and myself are way far apart from each other...its like i dont know wat to write in the programming software...just imagine m like i have seen this software for the first time and dont know wat to write...obviously i guess i cant write in there...thats the maze n find the path n show it...its like someone help me with how to write programming and how to go bou is algorithm i guess its m a total loss in programming...

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    So you are in a class that's expecting you to program something like this yet you have never touched programming?

    Did you miss several of the lessons?

    ...and by several I really mean all
    MS Paint FTW!

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    tez, your kind of screwed, like in a hilarious way. You took a programming class and you what skipped all the basics and thought you would jump right in.

    Charleh, it sounds like he thought he could just skip lectures and do the projects on his own and now found out hes lost.

    You have a text book right for the class, read it!

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    hugeExplosions = true;
    Yeah, or download Visual Studio Express Edition 2008 and it programs for you
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    also tez, writing out full words helps. At least personally it agrevates me more than anything else to read "u r me hero"... if you can't take the time to write out a full word, or even a full paragraph explaining things with all the details, why should i take the time to solve it for you.

    anyway, to Templarian, A* only works in situations where you can evaluate your position and give an evaluation on how well you stand on the board. What he really needs is either a dykstra to be the best, but a simple depth first search would work if he is only looking for an answer, not the best.

    To Tez again... GG and best of luck, but maybe you should have taken that year of programming before you took this class. I'm guessing it is like a 200 level class and you skipped at least 3 classes of programming.

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    hey man its not what ur thinking...i dint miss any class...n its not like i thought to do on my own man...the thing is like this...i m doing a transfer program in my bachelors and i had transfered from a university wer they dint teach us anything with any softwares and in this uni they use softwares like programming n basically the thing is i dont know anything on progrmaming and the whole class doesnt to some extent...i hope u guys get me what i ye thats y asking u guys to help me...
    please help me with a script of this thing or anything helpful u guys can provide me with...anything would be appreciated...

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    Like i said you can google the source for a C# maze they are not hard to find.

    Also, I'm aware you don't speak English but try to use sentences and periods when you type and not so many abbreviations.

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    We're not here to do your homework, and we're not here to write you stuff so you don't have to. Also, I'm having a hard time believing this is for a university course when you can't even write a single coherent sentence.
    Wait, what?

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