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Thread: ActionScript 3 Inventory System

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    ActionScript 3 Inventory System

    Hi all, I am trying to edit the traditional AS2 inventory system to AS3, this is how i have done it so far. The only problem is in AS3 it doesn't seem to allow the use of x/y with strings any more. Any solutions?


    var currentslotnum:Number = 1
    var itemfound:Boolean = false
    mclip.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, itemchecker);
    function itemchecker(Event:Event):void;
    if (mclip.char.hitTestObject(item1) == true) {
    function addToslot (item) {
    if (!itemfound) {
    item.x = ("itemSlot"+currentslotnum).x
    item.y = ("itemSlot"+currentslotnum).y
    itemfound = true;
    currentslotnum += 1;
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    Assuming you have dynamically created the inventory slots by putting instances and then give them unique names, you can use getChildByName to access its properties

    e.g getChildByName("itemSlot"+currentslotnum).x
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    Has anyone found or made an inventory code that is more dynamic(so that you could move the items around in your inventory and stuff like that) Or seen a tutorial on this?

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