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Thread: !A subject of much debate..

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    !A subject of much debate..

    Hey, I want to make an MMO! jk

    Is it possible to recognize right (or ctrl-click) mouse presses?
    How can I hide the right click menu? (Stand alone, not in browser)
    - Flash 8, AS2.0

    My first post here, love the site, beginning of a beautiful friendship..

    Crap, sorry, my first post and I realize that it's in the wrong section. Can a mod please move this?
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    I think its possible, I remeber doing something very simillar.

    I don't remeber how though, I bet a quick google search would snag some results.

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    yeah use the search or google for it. Tons of people have done it. My brother and I wrote this really quick to show that its possible with AS3. You just have javascript forward the input and you can get right click and everything. (middle mouse clicking causes problems if I remember correctly).

    also you may need to program browser specific stuff if you find it doesn't function in all browsers.

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    I figured out how to get it to recognize right mouse clicks in AS2. Then hiding the menu only partially worked. Thank you for tipping me off the js idea. However, I have actually decided that I no longer need this (but if I ever want to follow up it will be much easier). Thanks for the responses!

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    If you just want right click functionality yea that example work in all browsers but Opera, but very few use opera and you could simply check if they are using opera with JS.

    //edit, good to see you found a way without using it.

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