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Thread: Understanding Security with Local File to Remote File

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    Understanding Security with Local File to Remote File

    First let me explain the setup:

    Our company uses a set of talking avatars in lesson Modules to help students learn Math or Writing. Each Course loads in external avatars located on our Avatar server. I have a LocalConnection (technically using SWFBridge) that has the AS3 containers loading in the AS2 version avatars (created from Character Builder by Media Semantics). I can get the LocalConnectionto accurately connect a local version of the avatars in a development environment, however once I try to access the avatars from our Avatar server, the LocalConnection refuses the connection because of the different domains (local vs the avatar server). They both have a LocalConnection, one from the Course to Avatar and vice versa. Also, the Course says it has a sandboxType of localTrusted. The error is a common one:

    *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
    Connection to file:///(localFilePath) halted - not permitted from http://(avatarServerPath)/avatar.swf
    -- Remote SWFs may not access local files.
    The issue is definately because of the Security Sandbox and I have tried : Security.allowDomain("http://(avatarServerPath)"); in the Course, and"*") in the AS2 avatars (which are Flash Player 6) Other attempts included playing with the Publish Settings - Local Playback Security, attempting to set a setting a PolicyFile, and a few others.

    I just must be missing a key part of the equation, I know it's just a small fix that I am totally missing the boat on. Any thoughts or assistance is appreciated.
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