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Thread: calling functions

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    calling functions

    having trouble calling functions from different action scripts
    the function only seems to work if its residing in the same script of which it is being called

    i am uncertain as to how to address this

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    use global functions, as they have scope over the entire swf.

    _global.SomeName= function()
    // your code

    when calling: _global.SomeName();

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    ud think so wouldnt u
    actually what i was using was

    function case_function() {

    and insert "case_function()" wherever i want the thing to be. worked fine in my other file
    tried using "_global.case_function" but still nothing

    only seems to work if case is being called in same script
    not sure why it worked there in the other file, and won't work here in this file
    and not sure what difference is between

    _global.SomeName= function()
    // your code


    function case_function() {

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    ok, i got it, what i needed to do is call it by the object its in
    so use this:

    cause the function "make_talk();" is inside the movieclip "nxt_msg" which is inside the movieclip "speach_box".

    i needed to specify the location of the function "make_talk();"

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