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View Poll Results: Mouse or Direction Keys?

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Thread: Keys or Mouse?

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    Keys or Mouse?

    Ok I'm begining to start testing ideas for my second RPG. I have noticed several errors which the second version removes. Seeming as I ignored all advice on doing tutorials before jumping straight in I can notice that the coding starts off poor and improves and get more creative at solving problems. It's an art based RPG seeming as I enjoy art alot and I value you that alot in a game.

    Now for the question. Would you preffer using a mouse to move(clicking to the area you want to move to) or to use directional keys?


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    This will be something you'll learn much later. But you don't have to compromise. There's this thing call keybinding that games do. It allows users to choose their own play style.

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    Yes I was going to add that in, but I wanted to know which one to have as default. I generally wanted to know what people preffered.

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    Most casual gamers would prefer using only the mouse to navigate. (laziness factor i guess) Also, I think most games that utilizes the mouse are more intuitive than keyboard-based navigation.

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    My previuos RPG was keyboard based and after testing the mouse movement it seemed alot more like a RTS way of moving. I think using the mouse would free up one hand while fighting enemies(one hand on mouse moving and using inventory etc, other using hotkeys). I supose It's more down to how people are used to playing. I haven't came across a flash RPG where you click to move, I've seen a few that use the mouse to rotate but thats it. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet .

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    Mouse moving is better but it actually depends a lot on your overall game play.....both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but most will prefer mouse moving, cause most pc gamers, are used to playing fps and such games which are largely mouse based, and hence they will tend towards it...also most people are lazy! but remember, for RTS style movement, you might need to add some pathfinding AI, and which maybe a bit hard for you at the moment

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  7. It totally depends on the kind of game. I guess I would go for the mouse because that's easier to code and probably faster.

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