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Thread: c++ question

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    c++ question

    in this code
    unsigned int maxsize = 1024U*1024U*1024U*2U;
    int size = 1024;
    instructions here...;
    my questions are:
    what does the U after 1024 stand for?
    and what does the operator &~ do in the loop?

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    The "U" casts it as unsigned, rather than doing that though you should #include limits.h and then use UINT_MAX because that is system dependent (eg 64 bit vs 32 bit should be different). Putting a F at the end makes it a float.

    And the & operator is "bitwise and"; ~ is "bitwise complement" so that will take the complement of 7's bits and AND them with size/4+7 (so basically it is the same as subtracting size/4+7%7)

    Look up bitwise operators if you're still confused.

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    &~7 has the net effect of clearing the first 3 bits of the number.

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