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Thread: papervision3d camera going crazy on mac

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    papervision3d camera going crazy on mac

    Hi everyone.
    I'm working on a PC in pv3d 2.0 - Great White (21.11.07) but it as far as i know it happened in the previous build too.

    The issue is that when the Mac browser (FF, safari) looses focus, my camera3D goes crazy and starts zooming around... and i have no idea why.

    Here is a quick example:

    In windows (all browsers) it displays properly when the browser looses focus. but on Mac it zooms all around. and when it gets focus back the camera zooms back to normal.

    What is causing that? I have nothing to go on. If anyone knows what data is sent to the flash player when a browser looses focus, let me know.


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    alright. everyone should know this.

    on mac, when the flash player looses focus the mouseX and mouseY jump up to like 107,000,000 for some unexplained reason (unless someone can explain it)

    so a simple conditional to check if the mouseX is greater than stage.stageWidth should do the trick.
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    Hi, can you give me some more info on how to fix this? I'm new to actionscript but I have been working with the 3d and have this problem with Safari, the carousel I am making goes crazy if the window loses focus. I tried to view your example in a Safari but only get a black screen on mac. Works ok in PC browser.

    Update: fixed it already, never mind. thanks for figuring out what was causing the problem.
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