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Thread: Sol, My Programming Language

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    Sol, My Programming Language

    Well, after a few weeks I've managed to make my own language. I have a post and the source code on Coder Profile. Please send some feedback and any [constructive] critisism you have. They would be most appreciated and am looking for alot of feedback.

    Here's the source code and downloads:

    And here's the forum post:

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    Looks like you had fun. However, I wouldn't call that a programming language, maybe a scripting language (but then again there is no set rule on what a programming language is).

    It gets interesting when you include object oriented programming. My current scripting language I've been making in my spare time is very similar to C# and compiles to a very fast byte code for my game engine. Probably similar to what you will end up with if you keep on coding. (then again your C++ parser looks very hardcoded so it might be a while).

    Get's a little odd when you start getting into the circular dependency and stuff.
    Oh yeah here. Parse C++ or any code with this and it will give you a tokenized string back: (a good hack if you don't know lexical parsers).

    Good luck

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    An interesting way to further your knowledge with language development might be to research lexing and parsing; try automated generators like flex and bison (or the original lex and yacc).

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    Thanks for the replies!
    Sirisian, I'll try to use your method and covert the strings to bytecode for better optimization, and Jeff Wheeler I'll try to furthur optimize (not sure what lexing is, but I'll Google).

    Thanks again and any more replies are welcome,
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