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Thread: customize this

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    customize this

    Ive been learning C++ for a little while now. I was given a C++ book that uni students normally read, from my friend, and that got me interested in C++ again.

    So im now learning the whole Win32 app with drawing and including pictures and buttons, basically GUI stuff.
    But i want to learn how i can customise my window, or make my own..
    I dont want that ugly windows box, with its minimise and maximise and close button.

    So where do i start with this? do i have to create my own? or can the windows one be edited?
    Or maybe this is to advanced for me atm?
    So can someone point me to a tut that is already here, or help me out?

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    Oh for windows development you would want to look into WPF. The basic idea is to change the border style for the window to none (don't know the exact c++ way, but a google search should show). Then you will want to draw your own windows and drag areas.

    Also its usually best practice to keep the windows the same from app to app.

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    i agree with the above poster. It really should be done in WPF. There are ways to make your own window, but it is hell, and i mean lots of hell. You would have to create a base object that is fully transparent that is where your window is located, then draw on the different areas, but then you need to keep track of those areas for mouse events, and bind the right clicks to the events.

    In short, WPF is what you want. The win32 gui is a thing of the past. Some places might still use it, that is only because they dont know wpf yet.

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