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Thread: win xp bat/cmd help (dragndrop to a batch)

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    win xp bat/cmd help (dragndrop to a batch)

    hi there gang

    I'm trying to automate some 3d (maya) renders, and for that I have some batch files

    I can call the file I need to render like so

    C:\>render file.mb -options
    (the exe being render.exe)

    but could I possibly drag and drop file.mb on the batch/cmd file to execute the code ? Google doesn't like my question's syntax apparently.

    thanks for any insight - I know it works with .exes but I'm not too sure about batch files



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    I had an example that did just that, but I can't seem to find it. It essentially allowed you to drag and drop a set of code files for compilation into an EXE.

    Bigmtnskier created something a few years ago as well, so you may want to PM him on that

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    thanks kirupa

    my google skills were at an all time low, found my answer:

    Quote Originally Posted by


    Drag and drop does over .BAT files has stopped working?


    If you create a batch file with the following contents:
    echo file: %1
    and then drag a file over the batch file, the result should be as follows:

    file: filename.ext

    Suddenly the drag-drop has stopped working. How to fix this problem?


    Click Start, Run and type these commands:

    1. cmd /c ftype batfile="%1" %*
    2. cmd /c assoc .bat=batfile
    3. regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

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