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Thread: [C++] Keyboard Codes

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    [C++] Keyboard Codes

    I'm using the OpenGL/Glut library. In the handleKeyPress function, I attempted to display the key that was pressed. To my surprise, the cout is only triggered when the exit key is pressed. So how can I find the number that corresponds to the key? Anyone have a chart?

    void handleKeyPress(unsigned char key, int mouseX, int mouseY) {
    	cout << "key: " << key << endl;
    	switch (key) {
    		// escape
    		case 27:

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    hugeExplosions = true;

    Check out the decimal value, that's your key code.

    The cout should get triggered when the code reaches that line... weird, have you tried sticking a breakpoint and stepping through?
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    Which ones correspond to the left, down, right, and up keys?

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