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Thread: need some logics to improve my programming skill

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    need some logics to improve my programming skill

    Hi Kirupa,

    Can you please sned me some logics( logicalquestions) to me.I would like to improve my programming skill.So,please hele me ...... and i am expecting some reply for this mail.


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    ...*shrugs shoulders*... ok. What would be the best data structure and design for a program that has a dynamic map of connected points on it? What design and data structures would you use? What design would you use for storing the connections between the points and what data structure would you use for storing a dynamic array of points?

    (If that what you meant? cause I'm not sure I understand your request)

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    How would you determine if a singularly-linked-list has a circular reference in it?

    How would you generate 1 million random unique 9-digit numbers?

    Write an AVL tree implementation.

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    How do you find duplicates in a list

    how do you reverse a single linked list

    personally though, i would ask questions more about design patterns.
    Lets say you are selling coffee at starbucks, to keep from making 15 million objects (mocha in 3 sizes, with 3 different types of milk, with 15 different toppings), how would you approach it so that whenever a new item is added (lets say we now offer eggnog for the milk), we dont have to come up with a full series of new coffee types with eggnog in them.

    or for another one, how would you design a board game (like chess) where we could dynamically at runtime decide how a piece moves? maybe we want to make it so that each peace only moves a maximum of 2 spots, how would you design that to be done at runtime?

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