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Thread: Flex vs. Flash CS3

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    Flex vs. Flash CS3

    what's the difference between using Flex or Flash CS3 to develop AS3 projects?

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    Flex is for application development and Flash more-so for website development and other related things. I used the Flex SDK compiler (fsch) to compile my AS3-only projects, that don't use a FLA or something built using the Flex interface. So it really depends on what you're trying to build.

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    I have been developing with Flex for 2 years now. I used to separate the two into the same categories that McGuffin stated, but since CS3 came out, that line has been blurred. I really think that Flash CS3 can really complement Flex for alot of the "design" issues that Flex has a hard time doing. Custom button skins, animated assets, etc.

    Flex is basically a huge (file size-wise) framework that sits on top of your basic Flash framework. It takes care of a lot of layout issues for you regarding your GUI and it also has a more robust system setup for using remoting, web services, etc. The really neat feature about Flex is that even if you are not making a full scale website/application, you can use it for quick and dirty prototypes. So no more disposable assets. It really shines for use in its {binding} mechanism where you the developer basically says, notify this when that changes without manually hard coding all the event listeners. It takes much of the manual labor out of the unglorious aspects of dev'ing leaving you more time to polish off your application.

    I still dev in Flash. You need to make a game? Flash. You need to make an animated ad, Flash. You want something that is super small in file size, Flash.

    They are both tools. You just have to pick the right one for the job.
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    thanks! i have been wanting to learn AS3 for a long time now, i was just so confused on what to use..
    are there any tutorial sites that have AS3 tutorials using Flash CS3? (like using the Flash drawing/animating tools together with scripting) most i've seen use Flex..

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    Hi folks,

    Flash was originally developed and used as medium to integrate animation, sound and video. Even, itís intended for online presentation with some interactivity.

    And, Flex would be a better choice because Flex development brings a new level of user interface to your website with rich, interactive web applications. Flex gives you the best applications by using graphics, animation and audio done in flash that can be viewed in any browser with the flash player installed.

    Flex is the approaching technology for creating responsive, dynamic and visually prominent user-interfaces and more standard than Flash to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). So first of all we need to decide our what kind of project it will be and choose technology as per your project requirements.

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    Flex and AS3


    I am abit of a late adopter now, but I thought I'll just add to this thread.

    I am kind of cofused and unsure of what is Flex. Sometimes I read Flex to be in AS3, sometimes its in MXML?

    I want to make a game with Papervision3d, and I read that most Papervision3d applications are developed in Flex. I have no clue what is Flex, but I am competent in AS3 and Flash CS4.

    How do I make up the relationship between FlashDevelop, Flex, MXML and AS3?

    Thanks in advance.

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    ActionScript 3.0
    First of all, please avoid confusion... Flex is a framework, Flex Builder ( now called Flash Builder ) is the IDE. So if you want to compare something to the Flash CS3 IDE then you'll be comparing Flex Builder ( Flash Builder ) and not the Flex framework.

    In short ( others might have already mentioned this, I didn't read everything ):

    1) Flex Builder is a more "mature" IDE for more serious development.
    2) The Flash IDE is more "designer oriented", hence it puts more accent on the "visual part" of things then the actual development.

    So, it up to you... Are you more of a designer or a developer? If you're a designer, go with the Flash IDE, if you're a developer go with Flex Builder. Either way, if you want to really be successful then you'll need to learn to use both. Combining the benefits each IDE can bring will result into some serious stuff.

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    It should be noted that Flash Builder is tightly coupled with the Flex framework, using it for components/controls. Flash uses its own custom components and controls. And while Flash can hook into the Flex SDK for some functionality, it still does not use its components

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