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Thread: passing arrays in C#

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    passing arrays in C#

    How do I pass an array of any length in C#?

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    into a method?

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    a function, yes.

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            static void Main(string[] args)
                int[] numb = new int[2];
                numb[0] = 3;
                numb[1] = 9;
                Console.WriteLine("Method Over");
            static void displayArray(int[] arrayParam)
                for (int i = 0; i < arrayParam.Length; i++)
    This an example. That what you were after?

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    jsauni, don't ya love it when you go through the effort to help and they don't even bother to say thanks!

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    HAHA, well I feel much better now that someone's at least seen my answer.

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    well, the biggest question is why dont you use like List<int>? to me it just seems more logical and easier to read. Then you can also pass it like a normal variable.

    public void fun (List<int> myList)

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    Be careful of using generic when it isn't necessary. If you do not need to be able to add to the array a new element, or sort, etc then the overhead included with generics is meaningless, and so int[] is a better option. However, if the ability of sorting, adding, deleting of elements in the array is necessary, I agree a generic makes sense.

    The memory footprint isn't huge, but based on the size of the array, it could be.

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