hi ya'll,

Need some help (don’t know if this is the right place though).
I need to install Wamp (+Amfphp) on a client’s computer and automatically add a database and records and set some additional settings/files (plugins/ Amfphp ect).

The idea is that a salesman is able to run a flash app on his own computer without the need of internet (as it might not be available on the client’s location) and the data would be feed to flash from the database using PHP/Amfphp.

So what I need is an installer that installs Wamp, copies Amfphp files to correct location, create a database and adds records based on a SQL file within the installer (or on CD which contains the installer) and create a shortcut on the salesmans computer.

The shortcut should start wamp and than open up the browser with the app url (http://locahost/appname/ or similar).

Is this possible?, and what program should I use to achieve this.

Thanks in advance…