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Thread: Photo Gallery Back-End

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    Photo Gallery Back-End

    I'm trying to narrow down some options and would like a little help.

    I'm trying to create a personal photo gallery with albums, sub-albums, and categories. I know how to create and upload individual photos to the DB, but how can I upload an entire folder on my HD and then update the DB (and/or XML) accordingly?

    iPhoto has the ability to "sync" your assigned albums to your .Mac gallery whenever there are new photos added. I want to do something similar. I just don't have the time, nor do I want to have to update my xml, or upload photos one at a time just to update my gallery.

    Thank you in advance.

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    google php spider directory im sure youll find a few methods to spider through a directory.

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    yeah, I looked into that a bit... I appreciate it, but I need more specific help than that.

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    I've done something similar to this. Here's the theory behind...
         Image 1
         Image 2
         Image 1
         Image 2
    SubFolders are your categories, upload your images into whatever subfolder. Create a script that reads each folder makes an array, and compares it to your XML/DB. in PHP you would do a create an array from your XML/DB of the images in that XML/DB then loop it through and compare it, in php could use.
    PHP Code:
    If the file exists in the folder but not in your XML/DB it writes to it. Similarly if something exists in your XML/DB that doesn't exist in your Folders you remove it from the XML.
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