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Thread: parse error?

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    parse error?

    Hey people, I am having a weird parse error with my PHP code, I am not sure if it something simple and my mind is so coded out right now or something else.

        include "templates/edit.html";
    elseif($_GET[do]=="edit"): include "script/change.php"; 
    elseif($_GET[do]=="delete"): include "script/delete.php"; 
    elseif($_GET[do]=="view"): include "script/view.php"; 
    I get a parse error on the first if line,

    Parse error: parse error, expecting `']'

    But I close the get. Any help or explanations appreciated.

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    do needs to be in quotes. if($_GET['do']):. Same with the others.

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    thanks, i knew it was something stupid.

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