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Thread: .httaccess

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    guys, i need to protect a page called "admin.php"

    wat can i add to my .httaccess which is in the same directory to protect it?

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    just use sessions to password protect it....I wouldnt bother with changing .htaccess

    a simple script
    if(isset($_POST['username'] && isset($_POST['password'])){
    if($_POST['username'] == 'admin' && $_POST['password'] =='admin'){
    $_SESSION['logged_in'] = 'yes'

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    It's actually easier to use htaccess than PHP, though I'd recommend using edit:/[the] latter.
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    got pwnt?

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    yeh im just trying to create good coding practices

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    the best coding practice is the fastest and most secure one.

    (and truth be told I still have a hard time conceiving the hold session thing )

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    If you are gunna use htaccess the filename is ".htaccess" exactly.
    I noticed you spelt it with two t's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexgeek View Post
    If you are gunna use htaccess the filename is ".htaccess" exactly.
    I noticed you spelt it with two t's.
    sry.... i meant to say t, im still not getting a definite answer... wat exctly do i do with the htaccess file? i dont want to mess around with the php file...

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