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Thread: Help For Flash Forms and Database Integration

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    Help For Flash Forms and Database Integration

    Hi to everybody.
    I found this source file on this site at the page

    but the form do not work...

    someone can help me? Can you take a look to understand what's wrong?
    thank you so much.
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    does your server have ASP? and do you have a microsoft access Database setup? i have neither ASP or microsoft cant help much

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    ^ If the above it true...

    Make sure your database path if correct.
    Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    conn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
    "DBQ=" & MyPath
    If that is correct then make sure your Flash URL is correct.
    On top of that your should use LoadVars() - that tutorial was written 4 years ago.

    edit: Moved to server side

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    I use Flash 8.
    I tried all the possible combination but it do not work.
    I tried also the original source file but it do not work
    I don't know if I forgot something in the vars or on the asp...
    can you check the file source I attached?

    this is my asp code:

    <%@language = "VBScript" %>
    strFirst = Request.Form("fname")
    strLast = Request.Form("lname")
    strEmail = Request.Form("email")
    strAddress = Request.Form("address")
    strZip = Request.Form("zip")
    strCountry = Request.Form("country")
    strPhone = Request.Form("phone")

    Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    conn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
    "DBQ=" & MyPath

    SQL = "INSERT INTO contacts (FirstName, LastName, Email, Address, Zip, Country, Phone) VALUES ('"&strFirst&"','"&strLast&"','"&strEmail&"','"&st rAddress&"','"&strZip&"','"&strCountry&"','"&strPh one&"')"

    and my Flash URL on the submit botton is:

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    Well if I visit directly I get bounced back to the root of the server which is weird.

    Do a hello world asp file and see if your server at least runs ASP. Not sure what else to see you at this point.

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    hello world asp file? what is it?

    just to have check all the structure of the flash file and the access file?
    because maybe the mistake is there?

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    The files from the tutorial work.

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