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Thread: PHP Members Login

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    PHP Members Login

    Hello Kirupa Community:

    I'm creating a login section using the following tute:

    I have files that will be available for members to download, but how can I display the correct file for each member?

    I was thinking that I could upload the files, and then reference the URLs from mySQL... am I on the right track?

    If anyone has a better suggestions... I'm all ears.

    Thank you!

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    You're on the right track. You'll have to append some sort of unique token to each file upload per user... so say user1 uploads foobar.pdf and user2 uploads foobar.pdf... you can do a couple things.

    When they upload you can append their user id (since they will be unique) to the file name so it would be 1_foobar.pdf or 2_foobar.pdf.

    The other option would be to give each user a folder that it gets uploaded to, again... you'd prolly want to create the folder based off the users id or the users name.
    folder user 1
    -- foobar.pdf

    folder user 2
    -- foobar.pdf

    then for your sql insert just have a files table or something like that, has
    file_id, user_id, file_name

    file id auto increments
    user id is the id of the person who uploaded it
    and file name is simply just the file they uploaded
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