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Thread: html email generated by php -- having weird breaks

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    html email generated by php -- having weird breaks

    I'm generating an html with php ...

    here's what the raw source of part of one of the emails :

    occasionally, weird breaks get thrown in and will screw things up--- as in this instance, it breaks the image cause it puts a break in its url (see orange arrow).

    Anyone know how to prevent this?

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    Shouldn't break at all, that's just a line break from the word-wrap. Are you sure the image you're pulling actually exists?
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    Yup, the same script can be called in a "View online" version - where it loads the same html in the browser - and everything works. So I know all the images are there.

    Things seem to be getting screwed up by the word-wraps...Happens in different places depending on how many characters its readying.

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    Not sure how much of the generated content you have control over but just stick in line breaks after the blocks you'd like to break. Here's an example

    PHP Code:
    //Instead of this:
    echo "<div>Holler for a dollar</div>";

    //Try this:
    echo "<div>Holler for a dollar</div>\r\t"
    That will put a line break in the actual source but won't affect the html code what-so-ever. Not really sure if it'll fix your problem as I don't know enough about it, but it'll certainly make your html more legible.

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