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Thread: PHP - Problem replacing new lines

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    PHP - Problem replacing new lines

    i have a script that reads a html doc and i cannot find a function that allows me to replace an empty line for a "backspace", i tried replacing but i still getting an empty line.
    i also need a function that allows me to do the inverse, convert spaces into new lines. thanks you all any help will be apreciated.

    for example a have this


    and i want to get this:

    name telephone address

    it's a html file with <pre> tags and no other tags between
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    PHP Code:
    //replace new line with.. nothing?
    $string str_replace("\r\n"""$string);
    //replace space with new line
    $string str_replace(" ""\r\n"$string);
    got pwnt?

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    Depends what OS for the the first.
    I'd use:
    PHP Code:
    $string str_replace(PHP_EOL" "$string); 
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