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Thread: Flash file upload works on Dreamhost but not another server

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    Flash file upload works on Dreamhost but not another server

    Based on the files available for download on this blog

    I tested the Flash File Upload Download utility and after changing the path to the upload.cfm & download.cfm file determined it works for me on my own domain hosted by Dreamhost.

    Took it to work where I get a http error 405. Does this mean the server I am attempting to use doesn't allow Cold Fusion?

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    Error 405 is a web server security thing. Its comes from using POST(which is what you use when you upload a file). More than likely, you don't have privlages that will allow you to upload to that folder. Its not a server side language issue.

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    But what about the ColdFusion aspect? According to wikipedia ColdFusion is less platform-bound than raw J2EE or .NET, simply because ColdFusion will run on top of a .NET app server (New Atlanta), or on top of any servlet container or J2EE application server (JRun, WebSphere, JBoss, Geronimo, Tomcat, Resin, Jetty, etc.).

    Adobe ColdFusion is expensive compared to some of its competitors, which are almost always free. Even Microsoft-based solutions such as ASP.NET are technically free if you own a PC or server running some version of Windows. However, there can be many hidden costs, possibly in the tens of thousands of dollars at the enterprise level, to operate "free" software at the level of functionality already provided by ColdFusion.[3]. In addition, the extremely rapid deployment of ColdFusion applications creates very low barriers to entry and tends negates the cost of the server, since most applications can be built at manpower savings that significantly make up for the cost of the server.[4][5][6] ColdFusion is free to develop with, but can only be accessed from the local machine and two additional IP addresses.[7

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