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Thread: Framework Battle?

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    ^ Also a cool way of each other checking on each others status (plugging it into twitter)

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    Well I just found a huge downfall in CakePHP (while coding another app)... It's routing sucks more than a vacuum!!! Seriously, it can't even really handle URL's like:

    Instead I had to pass all the requests for that controller to another mapper function... crud tastic!!!

    EDIT:// I'll probably just start twittering all my development finds @

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    You should setup a location to grab twitter feeds specific to this battle, so people don't have to go to twitter all the time

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    Will do later, is everyone going to update on twitter or some other system?

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    I can do whatever. Since you started on twitter, I might was well.

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    I can too, but how do you guys separate normal tweets from tweets about this?

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    Not sure. You could make a new account just for these tweets (twits?). I don't use twitter, so it won't be a problem here.

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    Start with a small string, like:
    // Normal
    I'm doing awesome stuff.
    // Frame Update
    frame: CakePHP routing sucks.

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    Use a tumblr, and pull the twitter feeds into it. I'll set it up if you kids want.

    Could always setup a dummy account, and if you want to tweet about this thing, just say
    @kirupabattle message.
    And then just pull in the public feed for kirupa battle.

    //twitter is having a super maintainance thing, so it'd be swell that the tumblr can work as a cache for it too.

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    Twitter IMO is everything that's wrong with the web these days condensed into a silly web app

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    But, as I was telling Pasquale and mrs. Kalani last night, it's made with RoR, which automatically gives it 10 web2.0 cool tokens.

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    @DM if you could set up that tumblr thing than that would be mighty cool.

    @Ramie: I hated it at first but I don't mind it too much now... great way of sending and receiving free texts if you know how.

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    I'm setting up a tumblr. I've created, and I'll add you all as friends, then use that feed for tumblr.

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    I love twitter as an app, hate the idea of posting menial details of my life on the web. (o2 give me like 1000 free txt a month, I use about 100 if that)

    1030: Drank some mocca, not as nice as yesterdays...
    0900: Had a shower (man that was nice)
    0600: Got out of bed

  15. #105 should show the twitter feed in about an hour.

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