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Thread: mysqli prepare select query help !!

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    mysqli prepare select query help !!

    Ok, im quite new to this prepared statement thing... i have this so far

    PHP Code:
        if ($objstmt $objConnection->prepare("SELECT * FROM authUsers WHERE fldUsername= ? AND fldPassword= ?")) { 
          while (
    $objstmt->fetch()) {
    but it echo's nothing, though i do get no errors... im totally puzzled..
    but obivously im doing something wrong.. and the username and password is correct and inside the database


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    are you using some sort of framework?
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    i think the problem is in your sql statement:
    "SELECT * FROM authUsers WHERE fldUsername= ? AND fldPassword= ?"

    you should use qoutes around your strings here. Or does the bind_param function do this for you?
    Anyway i usually just echo the sql statement and execute it in phpmyadmin to check if all is well...
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    sorry guys thanks for the help i figured it out.. i forgot to sha1 the password.. now it works..

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