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Thread: Request Cookie problem in classic asp

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    Request Cookie problem in classic asp

    Hi everybody,

    I've a problem here.

    Seems like i can only request cookie using request.cookie("...") within the <body> tag of my asp page. The result in the cookie request can only be directly execute and use in the body, ... Where i again want to use the variable within the body to do some checking on the <script> tag on top, it deny reading it and i couldn't go further..

    I tried requesting and placing the cookie value into the variable before my <body> tag which is in the <script> of my ASP instead but it show problem reading that line, and doesn't response after that..

    So is it true that i can only request/get cookie..

    <------ but not here??
    <--- from here

    Anybody knows why is it happening?

    Thanks alot
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